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Specialized in Manufacturing Car accessories Since 2005

Professional One-Stop Supplier of Car accessories

In addition to providing full serials of car emergency kits and emergency products,we offer the customization service as per your special request to achieve the market.

You can get brand concept creation, sales and marketing analysis,product development, packaging design and more from us.

    Our Products

    We focus on our biggest-selling line:safety kits for roadside emergencies and first-aid use

    We are committed to supply high quality car safety kit for automotive aftermarket based on different level of the budget.In the meanwhile, we supply full products for car safety purpose from emergency hammer, fire extinguisher and tools you needed during the drive.

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    Full collection from economic kit to premium kit
    OEM logo printing available
    One year guarantee on quality
    Customized tools collection available

    OEM and aftermarket auto accessories Solutions

    Specialized in Manufacturing Car accessories Since 2005, Your Professional One-Stop Service Supplier
    Low MOQ
    Low MOQ

    We accept the low MOQ based on the standard part without any OEM requirement

    OEM service available

    You will get a professional team with comprehensive service to take on the entire design and manufacturing process from start to finish.

    One-stop products collection

    We supply the variable products for roadside emergency purpose.

    Why Work With Us?

    We have nearly 15 years of experience in this field producing and sales on car emergency kits. We are the only Chinese emergency kit manufacturer to be US Customs C-TPAT certified in China.
    Our OEM clients are Toyota, Nissan, GM, Volkswagen, Hyundai and Chrysler, along with major distributors and chain stores in Europe, Japan, and the Middle East.

    Save your Cost

    First-class service & Top flight value

    Save your time

    By our fully automated and high efficient production process, our delivery time is 30% faster than other factoires.

    Customized on Your Demand

    With our abudant experiences on the production and sales of heavy duty cleaner,our one-stop services will give you a correct solution accroding to your demand and make you worry-free.


    Automotive brand we served

    For nearly 15 years, we have provided high-quality car emergency products with competitive price and on-demand services to various brands around the world.

    Machine Manufacturing

    Our Clients From 30+ Countries

    I trust Erha is the best heavy duty degreaser manufacturer and cooperated them for over 15 years. We are a construction company, and our employees come in contact with cement and oil dirt every day. As an entrepreneur, we buy this exclusive heavy duty hand cleaner from ERHA. It removes even the toughest dirt like oil, grease and lubricants in short time.
    Jack Jim
    From Korea
    I never wholesale heavy duty cleaners from other factories just this is the only brand I trust in China. My colleague personally visited their factory and was impressed with their advanced equipment. My customers expect a powerful heavy duty hand wash cleaner for mechanic that cleans deeply. So I have high expectations for the wholesaler's capabilities, and EH never disappoints me.
    Elinea Jr
    From Cananda
    Working with Erha is much more straightforward. Their salesman said their environmentally friendly products were lab certified and was convinced of this. Also, they are really professional, I just sit in the office and wait for the goods. Further, their products are of very high quality and my customers have never complained.It is easy remove heavy oil,grease etc and are non-corrosive and easy to rinse off.
    Max Smith
    From US

    Take advantage of our expertise and start your substantial profit business!

    Do you need a lifetime business in your career? No problem,You can wholesale ErHa heavy duty cleaning degreaser products. With commercial&high efficient feature,our heavy duty cleaner is easy to expand your business. We have helped our customers succeed in more than 300 local areas and welcome you to become our exclusive distributor in your country.


    Pumice Hand Cleaner Lotion 2L
    Orange heavy duty hand degreaser 2L
    Pumice Hand Cleaner Cream 2L
    Powerful Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner 1L
    Pumice Hand Cleaner Lotion 2L
    Orange heavy duty hand degreaser 2L
    Pumice Hand Cleaner Cream 2L
    Powerful Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner 1L
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